Issue, No. 17/2019

Issue, No. 17/2019 >> Read the whole journal
• Ion Albulescu - Democratic Citizenship and Moral-Religious Values. Axiological Benchmarks in the Education for Democratic Citizenship >> Read the article
• Adeneye O.A. Awofala - Correlates of senior secondary school students’ mathematics achievement >> Read the article
• Mihaela Aurelia Ştefan & Alexandrina Mihaela Popescu - An analysis of the students’ needs and the relation between them, the level of satisfaction and the academic results >> Read the article
• Efrat Luzzatto & Alina S. Rusu - Pre-Service Teachers' Self-Efficacy and Attitudes Regarding Using Motifs from Neuroeducation in Education and Teaching >> Read the article
• Florentina Mogonea & Florentin Remus Mogonea - The pedagogical research project – an essential tool for the development of research competencies in the field of education >> Read the article
• Yifat Gerchenovitch & Alina S. Rusu - Pre-Service Teachers attitudes and knowledge concerning Sexual Health Education in the field of Special Education >> Read the article
• Mihaela Gabriela Neacșu & Florentina Bucuroiu - Teachers’ Perceptions about the Social Education of Young People in the Current Context of the Romanian School >> Read the article
• Carmen Costea-Bărluțiu & Georgiana Cătălina Boțu - Associations Between Prosocial Behaviours, Gratitude, and Psychological Well-Being in Vulnerable Adolescents with Mild Intellectual Disabilities >> Read the article
• Florentin Remus Mogonea & Florentina Mogonea - Developing the critical thinking competencyof the future teacher students >> Read the article
• Cristina Emilia Ionescu, Alina Simona Rusu & Carmen Costea-Bărluțiu - Attitudes of Special Education teachers towards sexual education of students with intellectual disabilities: Effects of religiosity and professional experiences >> Read the article
• Diana Elena Sârb - Connections between Musical and Logical-Mathematical intelligences >> Read the article
• Constantina Catalano - Electronic portfolio – a must have for students in the digital age >> Read the article
• Diana-Crina Marin & Mușata Bocoș - The Main Topics of the Lectures for Parents. An Analysis of the Planning Documents of Primary School Teachers >> Read the article
• Mircea Cătălin Dîrţu, Bogdan Neculau & Camelia Soponaru - The role of educational reward in the process of learning >> Read the article
• Irina Turcu (Sullivan) & Mușata Bocoș - Comparative analysis of school skills acquisition in primary school pupils temporarily abandoned by one or both migrant parents and in non-abandoned pupils. Neamț county study case >> Read the article
• Cosmin-Florin Lehene - Adaptation of an educational ideal and refinement of the didactic strategies used in the management pedagogy in Romania >> Read the article
• Clapa (Souca) Valentina, Mușata Bocoș & Bogdan Neculau - Experimenting with the integrative operational objectives formulated in integrated activities performed in kindergartens from Sălaj county >> Read the article
• Emanuel Sebastian Turda, Paula Ferenț & Ion Albulescu - The optimization of academic motivation for 3rd class students throught the learning process >> Read the article
• Horia Corcheş & Mușata Bocoș - A short critical analysis of curricular paradigms involved in teaching the mother tongue >> Read the article
• Nicoleta Meseșan - New Perspectives in the Professional Competence Formation of the Primary Education Teacher >> Read the article
• Adela-Simina Câmpan & Mușata Bocoș - Curriculum for early education in Romania - critical analysis >> Read the article
• Denisa Moldovan & Mușata Bocoș - Methodological guidelines in the elaboration of the evaluation tests for the end of the fundamental acquisitions stage >> Read the article
• Teodora Onutz - Teaching cases and declinations without Syntax a cross-language method >> Read the article
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