Issue, No. 16/2018

Issue, No. 16/2018 >> Read the whole journal
• Tina VRABIE; Carmen Mihaela CREȚU - Teacher for talented students, a promoter of education for values >> Read the Article
• Andreea URSU; Maria Nicoleta TURLIUC - An overview of research on romantic relationships. The case of negative emotions >> Read the Article
• Margareta M. THOMSON; Julia McCLANNON - Motivational beliefs among nontraditional prospective teachers from the United States: expectancies and values >> Read the Article
• Andreea C. BUZDUGA - The relation between the personality factors extraversion, neuroticism, general cognitive aptitude and critical thinking >> Read the Article
• Carmen COSTEA-BĂRLUȚIU; Andrea HATHAZI; Cristina BĂLAȘ-BACONSCHI - Preliminary results on the cultural adaptation of assessment instruments for distress and psychological well-being on Romanian population of parents having children with disabilities >> Read the Article
• Florentina MOGONEA; Florentin Remus MOGONEA - Requirements and modalities of ensuring success in academic learning >> Read the Article
• Dana JUCAN - Pedagogical aspects concerning the student assessment process >> Read the Article
• Ciprian BACIU; Mușata BOCOȘ; Daniel ANDRONACHE; Victor BOCOȘ - Operational instrument for primary assessment of intrinsic quality of open educational resources >> Read the Article
• Delia MUSTE - Perception of primary school teachers about the specifics and the role of communication skills >> Read the Article
• Constantina CATALANO - The developement of personal skills by collaborative learning activities >> Read the Article
• Diana-Crina MARIN; Mușata BOCOȘ - The Legislative Framework concerning Family Involvement in Children's Education >> Read the Article
• Ioan IOJA, Mușata BOCOȘ - Management and leadership – a needs analysis and a training programme for leading, guiding and assessing staff in Romanian schools >> Read the Article
• Rafila-Elisabeta ILOVAN - Acquisition of reading and writing skills - comparative approach between the Montessori method and the traditional educational system >> Read the Article
• Diana-Crina Marin; Cecilia Macri - Ways to improve the Romanian teachers’ occupational prestige. A systematic literature review >> Read the Article
• Anca LUȘTREA; Loredana Al GHAZI; Mihai PREDESCU - Adapting and validating Ryff`s psychological well-being scale on Romanian student population >> Read the Article
• Nicoleta LUPU - Parents' view on the integration of the students with special needs in the mainstream education >> Read the Article
• Rona BAR-NETZER, Mușata BOCOȘ - The Contribution of an Intervention Program for Improving Quality of Life of Older Adults >> Read the Article
• Gabriela Ileana CRIȘAN, Ion ALBULESCU - Developing visual art competence in young students (7-9 years old). A comparative study involving students from Romania, Poland, Turkey and the Republic of Moldavia, participants in the eTwinning Programme. >> Read the Article
• Nicoleta MESEȘAN - Literacy abilities in students – an essential element in the formation of the learning to learn competence >> Read the Article

Book Review

• Helen BASTURKMEN (2010). Developing Courses in English for Specific Purposes. London: Palgrave Macmillan. Reviewed by Bianca Bretan >> Read the Review
• Mușata-Dacia BOCOȘ (coord.), Ramona RĂDUȚ-TACIU, Cornelia STAN. Dicționar praxiologic de pedagogie. Pitești: Paralela 45 Publishing House (volumes I-III), Pitești: Cartea Românească Educaţional Publishing House (volume IV). Reviewed by Margareta M. Thomson >> Read the Review
• Ramona RĂDUȚ-TACIU, Cornelia STAN, Mușata-Dacia BOCOȘ. Pedagogia adulților. Definiții, elemente de reflecție și exerciții aplicative. Pitești: Cartea Românească Educațional Publishing House. Reviewed by Claudia Crișan >> Read the Review
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