Issue, No. 15/2017

Issue, No. 15/2017 >> Read the whole journal
• Făt Silvia; Pânișoară Georgeta; Sandu Cristina; Doru Vlad Popovici - Intervention strategies in language development at preschool age >> Read the Article
• Gisli Thorsteinsson & Tom Page - Teaching creativity across the curriculum through design education. Case studies >> Read the Article
• Dana Jucan - Concrete modalities of conducting an university course >> Read the Article
• Claudiu Schwartz - Implicit learning centered, new media-based instructional mode >> Read the Article
• Diana-Crina Marin & Muşata Bocoş - Factors which influence the involvement of the family in their children’s education at the beginning of the Romanian primary education >> Read the Article
• Lavinia Mirela Mureşan & Porkoláb Anamária - Gender differences in cyber and traditional bullying >> Read the Article
• Monica Iuliana Anca & Mușata Bocoș - Competences and increase of school performance level, within the study of high school pedagogy >> Read the Article
• Ioana-Maria Câmpean - The heuristic approach from the perspective of student-centred learning >> Read the Article
• Lorena Peculea - Investigation of Future Teachers’ Perceptions on Education, Teacher and Teaching through Metaphor Analysis >> Read the Article