Issue, No. 13/2015

Issue, No. 13/2015 >> Read the whole journal
• Liana TĂUŞAN - The Compulsory Education in Romania inside the Context of the European dimension of education >> Read the Article
• Olga MEIER-POPA, Alina S. RUSU - Offices for Students with Disabilities: From addressing individual special needs to increasing public awareness towards disability >> Read the Article
• Olyesya RAZDORSKAYA, Artyom IVANOV - Verbal creativity as a doctor’s competence and its formation in medical students >> Read the Article
• Delia MUSTE - Impact of the Level of Learning Motivation on Primary School Students’ Academic Achievements. Parents’ Perspective Analysis >> Read the Article
• Raluca POP - Incorporating both Language and Culture in the Teaching of Norwegian as a Foreign Language. A Perspective on the BA Norwegian Programme in Cluj-Napoca >> Read the Article
• Vlad PÂSLARU, Constantin ŞCHIOPU - Theoretical Coordinates of the Literary-Artistic Education Methodology >> Read the Article
• Silvia FĂT - Curriculum design for a training program in multigrade instruction >> Read the Article
• Oana-Elena RĂDĂCINĂ - Particularities of computer and internet use in educational process at university students: implications for social development >> Read the Article
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