Issue, No. 14/2016

Issue, No. 14/2016 >> Read the whole journal
• Diana-Crina Marin, Muşata Bocoş - Characteristics of the Communication Between Parents and Students of the Preparatory Class. Barriers, Positive Factors, and Responsibilities of Teachers >> Read the Article
• Lorena Peculea, Adrian Peculea - Possibilities for improving the learning to learn competency of students from technical schools - results of an experimental research >> Read the Article
• Muşata Bocoş, Veronica-Oana Moldovan - The Influence of Scouting Activities Upon the Students’ School Performance. Analysis for Mathematics and the Environment Exploration and Communication in the Romanian language >> Read the Article
• Dana Jucan - The Intellectual Activation of the Students – Paradigm of University Education. The Theoretical Approach of the Concepts >> Read the Article
• Monica-Iuliana Anca - Using the Cornell System for Notetaking at Pedagogical High Schools Students >> Read the Article
• Elena-Simona Indreica, Ana-Maria Cazan - Time Management, Constellation of Interests and Students’Attitude Towards E-learning Platform >> Read the Article
• Daniel Andronache, Muşata Bocoş - Designing Curricular Frameworks for Critical Thinking Development >> Read the Article
• Ciprian Baciu, Dana Opre, Sarah Riley - A New Way of Thinking in the Era of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence >> Read the Article