Issue, No. 11/2013

• Valentin Cosmin BLÂNDUL - Reducing the inclination towards school absenteeism trough extracurricular activities. Theoretical and applied studies at the level of Bihor county >> Read the Article
• Cristian STAN, Denisa MANEA - The Modern Educational Paradigm reflected into the Role, Function and Competencies of the Teacher-Manager >> Read the Article
• Niculae CRISTEA - Education for all - ensuring the right to individualized and accessible education; >> Read the Article
• Dacian Dorin DOLEAN - The impact of memory development in middle-childhood on learning a foreign language >> Read the Article
• Adriana Denisa MANEA - Practices of inclusive education >> Read the Article
• Anca-Maria MĂRGINEAN - The adaptation and individualization of intervention programs in the case of children with autism >> Read the Article
• Anca-Maria MĂRGINEAN, Simona ILIŞIU - The characteristics and typology of learning disabilities >> Read the Article
• Mihaela PRICOPE - Pedagogical Objectives Of Teaching Intercultural Communication Competence >> Read the Article
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