Issue, No. 7/2009

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• Cristian Stan, Muşata Bocoş - Religion And Religious Education In Romanian School (II)
• Muşata Bocoş, Dorin Opriş, Monica Opriş - Some Methodological Preconditions Of Research, Shown Inthe Field Of Ethical Research
• Lenuţa Popovici, Vasile Chiş - The Curriculum For Primary School. Mono-Disciplinary Orintegrated Approaches
• Ion Albulescu - The School, As Community Of Learning The Democratic behavior
• Horaţiu Catalano - Addressing The Psycho-Pedagogy Of Learning Difficulties. Implications To The Various Components Of Personality
• Ramona Răduţ-Taciu, Ioana Magdaş, Nicoleta Marţian - The Method Of The Exercice Used In Academic Teaching
• Viorel Mih, Codruţa Mih - The Role Of Hypertext’S Systems In Learning
• Adriana Denisa Manea - Conditions For Efficient Functioning Of The School Organization
• Bianca Doris Bretan - Perspectives On Pre-Service Training: A Report On A New Assessment Tool
• Valentin Cosmin Blândul - General Considerations Regarding The Phenomen Ofschool Dropout In Romanian Society
• Sabo Helena Maria, Alfonzo Germani - The Environmental Education And Inovation In Someuniversities From Germany And Italy
• Sabo Helena Maria, Sabou Marta - Who Can Read Britisch Newspapers?
• Sabo Helena Maria, Span Rudolf - Environmental And Mining In Sălaj County. Ecological reabilitation
• Sabo Helena Maria, Tudorache Tania - Communication During Natural And Technologic Disasters
• Gaetano Bonetta - The Non Conscious Dimension In The Formation
• Elsa M. Bruni - Pedagogy Of Gender: Male And Female Educationand Human Reality
• Ilaria Filograsso - Digital Literature And Multi-Literacies
• Petrovan Ramona Ştefana, Trif Letiţia - The Relationship Multiple Intelligence-Learning Styles and Its Implications In The Learning Process
• Trif Letiţia, Petrovan Ramona Ştefana - The Impact Of Motivational Factors On The Memory’S productivity, Dimension Of The Students’ Learning Capacity
• Fr. Dorin Opriş - Paradigm Changes In Education And Religion In The renaissance Age
• Monica Opriş - Traditional And Modern Methods Of Evaluation Workingtogether – A Way To Optimize The Didactical Activity Inthe School Subject Religion For The Third Form. Action research
• Ionuţ Vladescu - The Management Of The Communication Relationshipsin Pupils Forms
• Tăuşan Liana - Developing Pre-Adolescent Students’ Potential By stimulating Their Motivation And Positive Attitude towards School
• Monica Stanescu, Corina Ciolca - Methodical Aspects Referring To The Use Of Movement games In The Institutionalized Children’S Moral Education
• Maria Dorina Paşca - The Valuable Construction Of Doctor-Patient interrelation From Its Age Perspective
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