Issue, No. 5/2007

Issue, No. 5/2007
• Miron Ionescu - Education And Science
• Vasile Chis - Curriculum Reform Impact On Compulsory Education - Case Study - (Part II)
• Elena Macavei - A New Paradigm – Education In The Spirit Of The European Values And The European Integration
• Ion Albulescu - The Operational Aproach Of The Educational Objectives
• Sanda Onutz - Obstacles In The Way Of Interactive Pedagogy In The Present Romanian Educational System At Pre University Level
• Dana Jucan - Theoretical And Practical Dimensions In Didactic Communication
• Musata Bocos - Teachers’ And Students’ Perception About The Curriculum Of The Pedagogic Disciplines – The Results Of A Practical Investigation
• Maria Eliza Dulama, Oana-Ramona Ilovan - Slide-Show Use In The Didactic Activity
• Gisli Thorsteinsson, Tom Page, Miika Lehtonen - Pedagogic Development Of Computer Applications And Learning Tools In Design And Technology Education
• Gisli Thorsteinsson, Tom Page - Using Virtual Reality Learning Environment Technology For Enhanced Learning In Europe
• Andris Kangro, Ilze Kangro, Sandra Kalnina - Integration Of Ict In Foreign Language Teacher Education In Latvia In The Light Of Fiste Project
• Adina Glava, Catalin Glava - Webquest As A Tool For Effective Use Of Ict In Education
• Horatiu Catalano - The Development Of Pedagogy In The Context Of Computerized Education
• Ion Albulescu, Mirela Albulescu - Repres Mthodologiques Pour L’Apprentissage Des Conceptsphilosophiques Dans L’Cole Secondaire
• Danut-Gabriel Cozma - Statistical Significances Of The Marks Obtained In The January-February 2006 Session At The Faculty Of Chemistry Of Iasi, By The Students From The Postuniversitary Studies Cycle
• Ioana Marcut - Reading And Writing In Mathematical Activities In Primary School
• Teodora Popescu - Advocating Content And Language Integrated Learning In Romanian universities
• Maria Anca, Carolina Hategan - Implications Of Interactivity In Learning Writing–Reading
• Valentin Cosmin Blandul - Priorities Of Disabled Students Education In Contemporary World
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